• How do I apply for a motorcycle loan or finance?

    Finance & Loan applications must be submitted online from ourApply Page

  • How much can I borrow?

    Loan amounts vary according to individual circumstances, minimum unsecured loan is £250. The amount will be discussed with you individually when you apply. £1500 is the minimum loan value for bike finance, max £15,000.

  • Do I need a motorcycle licence?

    Yes you will need to have either a Full Cat A motorcycle licence or CBT pass to obtain bike finance. This is because you need to have passed your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) to ride any bike over 50cc, so a CBT is now necessary for all 125cc riders. Above a 125cc you will need a Full Cat A bike licence.

    If you’re just starting out and want to step right up to Harley or a Ducati, you are going to need to complete a Direct Access course.

    A Bike licence is not a requirement for customers applying for a personal bike loan. Some customers choose the loan option as the cost of training can be included in the one loan payment.

  • Do I need to supply any documents?

    Yes the underwriters will request you return copies of any documents they require together with your signed loan agreement. Usually you will need: copies of payslips, bank statements or accounts for self employed applicants, a proof of address, e.g: utility bill, rent book, bank statement etc.

    With motorcycle finance documents are always signed on the dealers premises and you will need to take your motorcycle licence or CBT certificate and any other documents requested with you to the dealership for photocopying.

  • Can anyone apply for a motorcycle loan or finance?

    The unsecured bikerloans are open to anyone over 18 yrs old.

    Bike finance is only available to customers buying from motorcycle dealerships. For bike finance you must be over 21yrs old, (Guarantor may be required) have a CBT for Full Cat A bike licence and be on the electoral roll. Some past adverse credit is usually OK.

    You can apply if you are employed, self employed or in the Armed Forces. We can assist homeowners, tenants and customers living with parents. We have some  guidelines to see if you are likely to qualify.

  • Is the loan unsecured?

    Yes, all loans are unsecured. Motorcycle finance is secured on the bike only.

  • Do I have to buy a motorcycle from a dealer?

    No, our finance options give you the flexibility to choose a bike from a local dealer or privately if you prefer.

  • How can I contact you ?

    Please use the contact page.

  • What is the difference between motorbike finance and a loan?

    Finance is secured on the value of the motorcycle, the bike loans we offer are unsecured loans that can be used for any purpose.

  • I am doing a training course can I still apply for bike finance?

    Yes we have many customers taking CBT or Direct Access courses. You can still apply for bike finance but we would be unable to complete a deal until you had a pass certificate.

  • Can you finance a bike if I only have a provisional or full car licence?

    Yes but only for a 50cc moped. It is recommended you take a CBT.

  • I have found a bike I want to buy but it’s at a dealership 150 miles away, can I still get finance for it?

    Yes, we offer a distance sale service so it is not always necessary to sign the finance documents on a dealership’s premises.

  • The bike I have found is a 2001 model, can you finance these?

    Yes we offer bike finance for almost all makes, models and age of motorcycle.

  • I am a courier who needs a bike for work, would you finance a new bike for me to use?

    No problem we have assisted many bike couriers finance a motorcycle for courier work.

  • Can I buy from any Motorcycle dealer?

    Yes you can buy from any reputable dealership provided they have permission to offer finance from the FCA

  • Is there any charge made for making an application?

    There are NO application fees to pay.