We Want to say YES to Motorcycle Finance and loans

Bikerloans have been arranging motorcycle finance since 2002 and have helped hundreds of motorcycle enthusiasts to purchase a bike. We work closely with smaller independent funders who use experienced underwriters to consider each application based on individual circumstances. There is no credit scoring or computerised underwriting, our customers do not all pay the same, rates are based on risk, the bike and the amount being borrowed.  Below is a list giving you an idea of what the underwriters look for.

Can you say YES to the following ?

  1. Age minimum 21 years old for bike finance, 18 or over for a loan
  2. Are employed, self-employed or in HM Forces ?
  3. Employment:
    • Have three years job history and can provide your last three months payslips?
    • or are self-employed and have three months bank statements ?
  4. Address:
    • Have three years address history ? (current voters roll is necessary for bike finance)
  5. Payments:
    • Have a bank account that can accept direct debit ?
  6. Credit:
    • Not within a bankruptcy or experiencing current credit difficulties.
    • Some past adverse credit is usually OK
  7. Licence: You have a CBT or Full Cat A bike licence? This is necessary for bike finance, if you are applying for a bike loan you can include the cost of the training in your loan
  8. Purchase:
    • Buying from a dealership? For us to arrange bike finance you would need to be buying from a dealer that has credit facilities. If you want to buy privately or online you should consider the motorcycle loan option.

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