Finance Facilities for UK Motorcycle Dealers

Have you ever wished you were dealing with a more flexible finance company? Where people not credit scores or computers underwrite proposals using a common sense approach. Have you got bikes in stock your current funders cannot finance?

Bikerloans provide finance facilities for customers purchasing bikes from UK motorcycle dealers and we welcome enquiries from dealers throughout England, Scotland and Wales interested in being Bikerloans Approved Dealers.

We are able to arrange from finance providers we have had long standing relationships with. Our approach is flexible and each proposal is underwritten manually, so If you are used to the “Computer Says No” variety of company then we think you will find dealing with Bikerloans quite refreshing.

We can finance most motorcycles including 125cc bikes, scooters, trikes, road legal quads and classic motorbikes over 10 years old. Customers need to be min age 21 with either a CBT Pass or a full Cat A licence. We can assist customers with some previous adverse credit. See details of underwriting guidelines

We value your business and whether you are sending us half a dozen proposals a week or 1 every 3 months we will try to get an acceptance for your customers and let you know the outcome promptly via telephone or e-mail.