This is the basic criteria we use at Bikerloans. Hopefully by having this information you will have a reasonable idea as to whether we will be able to assist your customer even before you send us a proposal.

  • UK Resident, Min age 21 (Guarantor maybe required)
  • CBT for bikes up to 125cc, Full Cat A for all bigger bikes
  • Must be employed full time, self employed, HM Forces, Retirees under 75. No agency workers
  • Benefit payments, working tax credits and pensions accepted
  • Electoral role trace/ adequate address proof
  • Some past adverse credit is usually ok. We cannot assist customers with current HP arrears, defaults, IVA’s, CCJ’s
  • All road legal motorcycles and scooters ok includes bikes OVER 10 years old. We can finance some Chinese imports & road legal Quads, Trikes and Customs
  • Advances based on percentage Glass’s Guide values. Customers generally need a deposit of 5%- 10% which can include a part exchange bike
  • Competitive rates


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