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At Bikerloans we try to get you the best deal whatever your circumstances. We can help you purchase your new bike even if you’ve been declined elsewhere. Whether your buying new or used, from a dealer, online or privately anywhere in the UK. We offer two finance options available to homeowners, tenants, customers living with parents, HM forces and self employed customers. Please take a look at our guide to financing a motorcycle to help you decide what’s best for you:

Motorcycle Finance

Bikerloans offer competitive bike finance deals for most motorbikes and scooters over 125cc min loan £1500, new or used. Dealer purchases only, finance secured on the bike. All bikes must be road legal, normally under 10 years old, some exceptions apply for modern classic and prestige machines. Motorcycle finance is available to customers over 21 yrs old, (Guarantor may be required). You need to have either a full bike licence or a CBT for 125cc machines. Typically a 5% deposit is required, finance amount is based on the retail value of the bike, Max £15,000. Loan terms 24, 36 and 48 months. To be accepted for bike finance you should be on the electoral/ voters role. Some past adverse credit is usually OK.

Motorcycle Loans

Suitable for Private Sales, off road machines, quad bikes, older and lower value motorcycles. Minimum Loan value £250. Loans are unsecured and available to anyone over 18 years old. No deposit is required and because it’s a loan you can include motorcycle accessories, helmets etc plus training for CBT or Direct Access. Loan terms 12, 24, 36 and 48 months.

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Quick GuideMotorcycle FinanceUnsecured Loan
Min Age21 yrs old18 yrs old
Living with parentsYesYes
HM ForcesYes (With electoral/voters roll)Yes
Self EmployedYesYes
Bike LicenceMin CBT for 125ccNot Needed
DepositNormally 5% Cash or p/exNone
Loan Amount£1500- £15’000£250- £25’000
Loan Term12- 60 Months12- 60 Months
SecuredOn Bike OnlyUnsecured
Purchase TypeDealer OnlyAny
Purchase ExtrasNo bike onlyYes
Adverse CreditSome OKSome OK
Voters Rolelast 3 yrsCurrent
Address ProofYesYes
Income ProofYesYes

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