BikerLoans Company Aims

We are constantly striving to improve the service we offer our customers and improving the website. We aim to get the best deal for all customers and assist those who have been denied credit in obtaining a loan, helping them to strengthen or to re-establish a credit rating.

If you have any queries consider the Bikerloans FAQ or contacting Bikerloans.

What we do:
Obtain the most competitive deal possible for our customers whatever their circumstances. We can help customers who have experienced previous credit problems, CCJ’s, Defaults, arrears, rent and mortgage or with limited voters roll history. That way we can assist consumers who have been denied credit in obtaining a loan, helping them to strengthen or re-establish a credit rating. The service is entirely FREE, there are no arrangement fees.

How we do it:
Your motorcycle finance is conveniently arranged entirely from your home. The underwriting team will contact you directly by telephone & e-mail to discuss your loan and agreed repayments. It’s that easy! Even if you have experienced some credit difficulties in the past. We operate on a rate-to-risk basis which means that unlike some other companies Bikerloans customers do not all pay the same. If we are unable to offer you a fair deal at a reasonable rate we will let you know and politely decline the application.

What you get:
Bikerloans can help you to invest in the motorbike of your choice whilst providing you with an opportunity to strengthen or re-establish your credit rating through making regular monthly repayments.

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